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Friends, I hope you enjoy this new song called DOWN BESIDE THE MOON that I've created while down here in Texas. I like to describe it as painting a picture with music. Currently there are five pieces in work. If you like this one and would like to leave a tip or contribute to recording more songs, it would be much appreciated.

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Bobby Mason lived and played music in Aspen since 1969 and has played with many of the national acts who have come to town. 

In recent years Bobby produced two concerts  at  Aspen's 
Wheeler Opera House featuring himself along with a stage full of talented musicians backing him up.

Bobby and his wife are now traveling the country in a vintage Airstream and playing gigs along the way.

He can offer numerous options for your event, either at a venue or 

House Concert.

  • solo vocal and acoustic for intimate background music
  • duo with vocals and two guitars
  • duo with vocals, guitar and keyboard
  • trio with vocals, two guitars and keyboards
  • five piece with vocals, two guitars, keyboards, bass and drums
  • seven piece with vocals, two guitars, two keyboards, flute/saxophone, bass and drums
  • ten piece with vocals, two guitars, two keyboards, flute/saxophone, bass, drums and background vocals

House Concert can be structured several ways:

~ A flat fee is paid to the artist and the host provides their home, their own guest list and food/drink.

~ The host provides their home, food/drink and the artist charges admission for the evening.

~ Same as second option but the event is open to the public

~ Any of the above but the event is held at a restaurant or hall.



Contact Bobby Mason at 970.618.3687
or for bookings at venues or house concerts.

Coaching Services
With 56 years experience as a professional entertainer,
Bobby can provide your band, duo or solo with guidance to help achieve your vision
and avoid some pitfalls. Call Bobby at 970.618.3687
Private Lessons
Bobby accepts a limited number of students for private guitar lessons.
His approach is not to teach the student to read music, but rather to teach chords, leads and the art of listening-
to give the student the ability to pick up and play with anyone, anywhere.

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